Our depiladoras



Our professional depiladoras learned their waxing skills from salon owner Claudia Justino. Claudia, who is from Brazil, has many years of waxing experience. She is from the country with the smallest bikinis and with lots of sunshine, so she knows how important a great wax is. That’s why in 2008 she decided to start The Waxing Company in the Netherlands and train the best depiladoras. These depiladoras know exactly what they are doing, and they do it passionately and love a great result.

Waxing is not painless but we do it as smoothly as humanly possible. You are welcome for any wax treatment of your body or face, but our specialty is the Brazilian wax. Clients come from all over the country (and even from abroad) to enjoy the services of our depiladoras.

Ladies only! No male personnel, no male customers. So no reason to feel uneasy. Once you’ve been with us, I’m sure you’ll come back. Like all other clients did.

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