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Site content
The Waxing Company is responsible for the content of this site. No rights can be derived from the data on this site. The Waxing Company aims to provide up-to-date and correct information. The Waxing Company can not guarantee that all information included is in all cases actually up-to-date, correct and complete.

Up-to-date information
An accuracy check of texts on the website takes place at least every six months. Information that ages (quickly) is checked and adjusted more frequently.

Links and references to other sites
This website may, as a service, contain links or references to other sites. The Waxing Company is not responsible for the content of these sites, gives no guarantee regarding the content and reliability of these sites and is not liable for damage directly or indirectly. arising from its contents.

Links and references from other sites to The Waxing Company
It is permitted to make links or referrals from other sites to the sites of The Waxing Company, but only in accordance with the following conditions:

  • a site may not give the impression that The Waxing Company supports or recommends the site or products published on it
  • the sites of The Waxing Company may not be embedded in another site (online frames)
  • een site mag een link naar The Waxing Company maken, maar mag geen inhoud kopiëren of synchroniseren
  • a site may in no way use the logo and other logos of The Waxing Company (unless The Waxing Company has given explicit and written permission to do so).
  • a site may not give incorrect information about The Waxing Company and its products and / or services
  • a site may not display abusive, libelous, discriminatory, obscene or otherwise unacceptable language or misinformation

Personal information
All personal data traceable in the electronic correspondence with this website is handled by The Waxing Company with the greatest possible care according to our Privacy statement. Your data will not be sold to third parties or given for inspection.

The Waxing Company makes every effort to respect the rights to texts, photos, illustrations, maps, other graphic material, (trade) names, brands, logos and databases. The copyrights, trademark rights and / or any other intellectual property rights of the material or right to be protected belong to the company that makes use of this material or right. The Waxing Company accepts no liability for damage resulting from unlawful use of this material. or right, and refers the person who believes he has a stronger right to the person or company using that material or right. If and insofar as The Waxing Company has the personal data of the person who allegedly infringes on any authors – trademark or intellectual property right, The Waxing Company does not provide this information to the person or company that believes it has a stronger right, unless the refusal to provide it is to be judged unreasonable or unlawful, or this must be done to execution of a court order. The websites of The Waxing Company are copyright protected. Use of these sites and content is in violation of copyright law and other applicable laws and regulations and is not permitted.

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